Alumni Event of the Year Nomination

The Alumni Event of the Year Award is given to the year’s most outstanding alumni event hosted by an alumni organization. The alumni event can be in-person or virtually.
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  • About the Organization

  • About the Event:

  • What was the name of the event?
  • Where was the event held? (Please give location and where it is on / near campus, or somewhere else.)
  • Was the event celebrating anything specific such as anniversaries?
  • Please describe the functions that took place at the event.
  • Does the event occur annually?
  • If yes, how many years has the event occurred?
  • How many alumni were present at the event?
  • Please list any specific alumni or others responsible for planning / executing this event.
  • Describe any other relevant details about the event that qualify it to be recognized as Alumni Event of the Year.
  • ** In addition to completing this form, we ask that you email any photos (either 1-5 attached, or a hyperlink to an online gallery) to