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Alumni Chapters & Housing Corporations

Alumni Chapters & Housing Corporations

The goals of alumni chapters and housing corportations can be broken down into five objectives, the first being Infrastructure, the basic framework that an organization needs in order to maintain sustainably. These required actions must be completed each year in order to remain in good standing. The other four make up the key components of alumni engagement: Information, Interaction, Involvement and Investment.

In order to provide clarity as to the operations of an alumni chapter, there are categories within each of these objectives that are further broken down into specific actions which can be a part of an alumni chapter’s or housing corporation's plan. If you have any questions on the specifics of any action, please contact the staff member listed next to the item.

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Alumni Chapters & Housing Corporations.

Alumni chapters and housing corporations are organizations within the fraternity connecting and engaging alumni of a particular chapter. Alumni chapters and housing corporations seek to:

Effectively communicate with a chapter’s alumni base
Actively engage alumni of a chapter with events and programs
Help alumni to reconnect with old friends
Help alumni to connect with their fraternity
Help seniors transition to life after college

Alumni chapters and housing corporations perform these functions in a number of different ways and many also provide substantial support to their undergraduate chapter.

Resources for alumni chapter and housing corporations Officers can be found in our Resource Library under Alumni.

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To Start an Alumni Group, Coordinate With:

The National Fraternity

Complete the following to become recognized by the national fraternity:

  1. Submit updated bylaws for the organization. View an example
  2. Submit a list of officers for the organization.
  3. Submit a petition with the names of at least 10 alumni who are willing to be involved. Download a petition
  4. Collect and submit $100 for national dues and $50 for chartering.

The Federal Government

  1.  Complete an SS4 form and submit to the IRS. This will provide you with an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  2. Fill out IRS form 8718 (Found Here) which you will then attach, along with your check for the application fee, and send to the IRS with the 1024 form (Found Here) as described in step 3.
  3. Complete a 1024 form and submit to the IRS. This will recognize you as a non-profit organization. You will check off 501 © 7 (social club) — not an 8 or 10, which deal with fraternal societies such as trade unions, masons, etc.
  4.  Complete Annual 990 filings with the IRS. This keeps you in compliance with the IRS each year. (There are major penalties for non-compliance.)

Your State Government

This differs from state to state, but you can visit your state’s Secretary of State website for more information. This process is usually not too difficult, but is often expedited when we can recruit an attorney or C.P.A. who practices in the state to actually submit all of the information.