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Nu Phi

The Nu Phi Society was created in 1983 at the 39th Supreme Chapter in Mobile, Alabama. The initial purpose was to recognize the loyalty of alumni who demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the fraternity by their consistent attendance at Supreme Chapter. Shortly after the very first meeting in 1983, the Nu Phi Society adopted a supporting role to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. Today, Nu Phi Society members annually contribute more than $35,000 in unrestricted revenue to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. The Nu Phi Society holds a meeting every other year coinciding with Supreme Chapter. Members who are in good standing with the Nu Phi Society are eligible to attend the esoteric ceremony and banquet. You can contact Vicky Halsey at for more information.

Pi Alpha

Journey of Hope, Gear Up Florida and Build America are organized by The Ability Experience each summer with the mission of using shared experiences to support people with disabilities and developing the men of Pi Kappa Phi into servant leaders. The men of Pi Kappa Phi who complete one of these three impactful trips are recognized as Pi Alphas. Over 1,800 Pi Alphas are committed to cultivating the experience for the next generation of Pi Alphas and improving their communities long after their trip has ended. You can join us on Facebook at I Am Pi Alpha (you will need to request membership into the group). You can contact for more information.

Pi Kapp Pride

Founded in 2014, Pi Kapp Pride is an affinity group of members of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity serving those who identify as GBTQQA (gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied). Our mission is to provide support, advocacy and community for Pi Kappa Phis of all sexual orientations and gender identities, while educating the greater Fraternity on the needs of those members. We are composed of nearly 1,000 undergraduate and alumni members actively striving to make every chapter an Ideal Chapter for members of the GBTQQA community. You can join us on Facebook at Pi Kapp Pride (you will need to request membership into the group) or follow us on Twitter @PiKappPride. You can also contact Chair Elijah Caldwell, Kappa (UNC-Chapel Hill) at


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