Keeping Alumni Connected



Chapter newsletters have played an important role in keeping alumni connected to Pi Kappa Phi and to the friends they’ve found through fraternity for many decades. Arguably, there has been no greater outreach tool that student chapters and alumni organizations have employed than the periodic publication of a newsletter. 

Chapter newsletters as we know them today began in earnest circa 1920. In the 1929 official history of the Fraternity, Executive Secretary George Sheetz, Alpha (College of Charleston), commented on the proliferation of newsletters during this time. 



The Chapter Newsletter Program is part of our efforts to support local alumni organizations. National Headquarters staff partners with alumni chapters or housing corporations to develop and distribute newsletters on behalf of the alumni organization. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact 


Putting together a newsletter is a four-step process: 

  1. The chapter provides content. 
  2. National Headquarters staff reviews and organizes the content and designs the newsletter. 
  3. A designed newsletter is shared with the chapter for any needed edits.  
  4. A final newsletter is distributed on the chapter’s behalf. 



It’s recommended that chapters work on gathering newsletter content throughout the year, leading up to design and distribution.  

Once the chapter has submitted all content, it takes approximately one month to review the content and design the newsletter. If a chapter decides to print and mail copies of their newsletter, note that an additional two weeks is needed. 


Things to note: 

  • It’s a best practice for a chapter to focus on providing content and letting the team at National Headquarters handle the layout and design of the newsletter.  
  • Printing/mailing: If an alumni organization chooses to mail newsletters to some or all alumni members, this adds about two weeks to the process. Please note, the cost for mailing and printing the newsletter will be billed to the alumni chapter. 
  • Content edits: The National Headquarters staff will edit written content for punctuation, grammar, clarity, etc., in addition to ensuring that Pi Kappa Phi style and brand guidelines are met and that the chapter and Fraternity are represented well. 


Contact for support with your chapter newsletter.



If you have copies of previous newsletters, or newsletters your chapter has published recently, we want to feature them on our digital archives. You can submit them here to be uploaded. 


See archived newsletters from many of Pi Kappa Phi’s chapters. If you cant find your chapter, please consider sharing past copies to be stored in the newsletter archives.

Newsletters by Chapter

Members can submit their chapter newsletters to be featured digitally for brothers, friends and family to view online. Italicized chapters do not currently have any newsletters that have been submitted to the National Headquarters.

Chapters Alpha – Omega

Alpha (College of Charleston)

Beta (Presbyterian)

Gamma (UC – Berkeley)

Delta (Furman)

Epsilon (Davidson)

Zeta (Wofford)

Eta (Emory)

Theta (Cincinnati)

Iota (Georgia Tech)

Kappa (UNC – Chapel Hill)

Lambda (Georgia)

Mu (Duke)

Nu (Nebraska)

Xi (Roanoke)

Omicron (Alabama)

Pi (Oglethorpe)

Rho (Washington & Lee)

Sigma (South Carolina)

Tau (NC State)

Upsilon (Illinois)

Phi (Tulsa)

Chi (Stetson)

Psi (Cornell)

Omega (Purdue)

Chapters Alpha Alpha – Alpha Omega

Alpha Alpha (Mercer)

Alpha Beta (Tulane)

Alpha Gamma (Oklahoma)

Alpha Delta (Washington)

Alpha Epsilon (Florida)

Alpha Zeta (Oregon State)

Alpha Eta (Samford)

Alpha Theta (Michigan State)

Alpha Iota (Auburn)

Alpha Kappa (Michigan)

Alpha Lambda (Mississippi)

Alpha Mu (Penn State)

Alpha Nu (Ohio State)

Alpha Xi (St. John’s)

Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)

Alpha Pi (Sewanee)

Alpha Rho (West Virginia)

Alpha Sigma (Tennessee)

Alpha Tau (Rensselaer)

Alpha Upsilon (Drexel)

Alpha Phi (Illinois Tech)

Alpha Chi (Miami)

Alpha Psi (Indiana)

Alpha Omega (Oregon)

Chapters Beta Alpha – Beta Omgea

Beta Alpha (NJIT)

Beta Beta (Florida Southern)

Beta Gamma (Louisville)

Beta Delta (Drake)

Beta Epsilon (Missouri)

Beta Zeta (Simpson)

Beta Eta (Florida State)

Beta Theta (Arizona)

Beta Iota (Toledo)

Beta Kappa (Georgia State)

Beta Lambda (Tampa)

Beta Mu (McNeese State)

Beta Nu (Houston)

Beta Xi (Central Michigan)

Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)

Beta Pi Eastern (Michigan)

Beta Rho (Clarkson)

Beta Sigma (Northern Illinois)

Beta Tau (Valdosta State)

Beta Upsilon (Virginia)

Beta Phi (East Carolina)

Beta Chi Texas (A&M – Commerce)

Beta Psi (Tennessee Wesleyan)

Beta Omega (East Tennessee)

Chapters Gamma Alpha – Gamma Omega

Gamma Alpha (West Alabama)

Gamma Beta (Old Dominion)

Gamma Gamma (Troy)

Gamma Delta (Memphis)

Gamma Epsilon (Western Carolina)

Gamma Zeta (West Virginia Tech)

Gamma Eta (Athens)

Gamma Theta (UNC – Wilmington)

Gamma Iota (LSU)

Gamma Kappa (Georgia Southern)

Gamma Lambda (Missouri S&T)

Gamma Mu (Belmont Abbey)

Gamma Nu (LaGrange)

Gamma Xi (Georgia Southwestern)

Gamma Omicron (Bethel)

Gamma Pi (Northwestern Oklahoma)

Gamma Rho (Lander)

Gamma Sigma (Georgia Southern – Armstrong)

Gamma Tau (North Texas)

Gamma Upsilon (Oklahoma State)

Gamma Phi (South Alabama)

Gamma Chi (Jacksonville)

Gamma Psi (Augusta)

Gamma Omega (Montevallo)

Chapters Delta Alpha – Delta Omega

Delta Alpha (Virginia Tech)

Delta Beta (North Georgia)

Delta Gamma (Nebraska – Omaha)

Delta Delta (Truman State)

Delta Epsilon (Jacksonville State)

Delta Zeta (Appalachian State)

Delta Eta (Morehead State)

Delta Theta (Mars Hill)

Delta Iota (Middle Tennessee)

Delta Kappa (UNC – Pembroke)

Delta Lambda (UNC – Charlotte)

Delta Mu (Methodist)

Delta Nu (Western Kentucky)

Delta Xi (North Alabama)

Delta Omicron (Nicholls State)

Delta Pi (Wright State)

Delta Rho (USC)

Delta Sigma (Bowling Green)

Delta Tau (James Madison)

Delta Upsilon (Pittsburgh)

Delta Phi (Radford)

Delta Chi (Kansas State)

Delta Psi (Texas – Arlington)

Delta Omega (Texas A&M)

Chapters Epsilon Alpha – Epsilon Omega

Epsilon Alpha (Elon)

Epsilon Beta (Grand Valley State)

Epsilon Gamma (Longwood)

Epsilon Delta (Auburn – Montgomery)

Epsilon Epsilon (Virginia – Wise)

Epsilon Zeta (Central Arkansas)

Epsilon Eta Winthrop

Epsilon Theta (Seton Hall)

Epsilon Iota (UNC – Greensboro)

Epsilon Kappa (Southern Poly)

Epsilon Lambda (South Carolina – Upstate)

Epsilon Mu (Bradley)

Epsilon Nu (Sacramento State)

Epsilon Xi (LaSalle)

Epsilon Omicron (Villanova)

Epsilon Pi (Virginia Commonwealth)

Epsilon Rho (Lenoir-Rhyne)

Epsilon Sigma (Christian Brothers)

Epsilon Tau (St. Joseph’s)

Epsilon Upsilon (Georgia College & State)

Epsilon Phi (Alabama – Birmingham)

Epsilon Chi (Denver)

Epsilon Psi (Slippery Rock)

Epsilon Omega (Texas Tech)

Chapters Zeta Alpha – Zeta Omega

Zeta Alpha (Clemson)

Zeta Beta (UC – San Diego)

Zeta Gamma (North Dakota)

Zeta Delta (Shippensburg)

Zeta Epsilon (George Mason)

Zeta Zeta (North Florida)

Zeta Eta (South Florida)

Zeta Theta (Texas)

Zeta Iota (Indiana – Pennsylvania)

Zeta Kappa (Stockton)

Zeta Lambda (Cal State – Chico)

Zeta Mu (Cal State – Northridge)

Zeta Nu (West Chester)

Zeta Xi (Averett)

Zeta Omicron (SUNY – Cortland)

Zeta Pi (Marshall)

Zeta Rho (Cal State – Fullerton)

Zeta Sigma (UC – Davis)

Zeta Tau (Barton)

Zeta Upsilon (Bloomsburg)

Zeta Phi (Colorado State)

Zeta Chi (Albright)

Zeta Psi (IUPUI)

Zeta Omega (Towson)

Chapters Eta Alpha – Eta Omega

Eta Alpha (Concord)

Eta Beta (Indiana State)

Eta Gamma (CU – Boulder)

Eta Delta (Kennesaw State)

Eta Epsilon (Maryland)

Eta Zeta (Queens)

Eta Eta (UC – Irvine)

Eta Theta (San Francisco)

Eta Iota (Christopher Newport)

Eta Kappa (SUNYPlattsburgh)

Eta Lambda (Brockport)

Eta Mu (Wingate)

Eta Nu (Pennsylvania)

Eta Xi (SUNY – Albany)

Eta Omicron (San Francisco State)

Eta Pi (Coastal Carolina)

Eta Rho (Texas State)

Eta Sigma (UCLA)

Eta Tau (Kentucky)

Eta Upsilon (MiamiOhio)

Eta Phi (UMBC)

Eta Chi (Texas Christian)

Eta Psi (Central Florida)

Eta Omega (New Mexico State)

Chapters Theta Alpha – Theta Omega

Theta Alpha (Southern Mississippi)

Theta Beta (West Georgia)

Theta Gamma (Buffalo)

Theta Delta (Florida International)

Theta Epsilon (Kansas)

Theta Zeta (George Washington)

Theta Eta (American)

Theta Theta (Iowa)

Theta Iota (Washington State)

Theta Kappa (Baylor)

Theta Lambda (Missouri State)

Theta Mu (UMass – Amherst)

Theta Nu (Delaware)

Theta Xi (Arizona State)

Theta Omicron (Nevada – Reno)

Theta Pi (Texas – Tyler)

Theta Rho (Western Michigan)

Theta Sigma (Cal State – Long Beach)

Theta Tau (High Point)

Theta Upsilon (Northern Arizona)

Theta Phi (Louisiana Tech)

Theta Chi (Ohio)

Theta Psi (RIT)

Theta Omega (Binghamton)

Chapters Iota Alpha – Iota Omega

Iota Alpha (Sacred Heart)

Iota Beta (Texas – San Antonio)

Iota Gamma (Wyoming)

Iota Delta (New Hampshire)

Iota Epsilon (Susquehanna)

Iota Zeta (Stephen F. Austin)

Iota Eta (Embry-Riddle)

Iota Theta (Tennessee Tech)

Iota Iota (Cal PolyPomona)

Iota Kappa (Northern Colorado)

Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac)

Iota Mu (Arkansas – Fort Smith)

Iota Nu (Mississippi State)

Iota Xi (Texas – Dallas)

Iota Omicron (Iona)

Iota Pi (Dayton)

Iota Rho (Western Illinois)

Iota Sigma (San Jose State)

Iota Tau (Rutgers)

Iota Upsilon (Florida Gulf Coast)

Iota Phi (LoyolaNew Orleans)

Iota Chi (Ball State)

Iota Psi (Boise State)

Iota Omega (UNLV)

Chapters Kappa Alpha – Associate Chapters

Kappa Alpha (Case Western)

Kappa Beta (Illinois State)

Kappa Gamma (Montana)

Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic)

Kappa Epsilon (Stony Brook)

Kappa Zeta (Maine)

Kappa Eta (SUNYGeneseo)

Kappa Theta (San Diego)

Kappa Iota (Idaho)

Kappa Kappa (New Mexico)

Kappa Lambda (Wisconsin)

Kappa Mu (UC – Merced)

Kappa Nu (Sonoma State)

Kappa Xi (DePaul)

Kappa Omicron (Connecticut)

Kappa Pi (Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo)

Kappa Rho (Vermont)

Kappa Sigma (CU – Colorado Springs)

Kappa Tau (Eastern Washington)

Kappa Phi (Loyola – Chicago)

Kappa Upsilon (Temple)

Northeastern University (Northeastern)