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The Star & Lamp is the official magazine of Pi Kappa Phi, published continuously by the Fraternity since 1909 when it originated under the title The Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Journal. It is published twice annually, and Pi Kappa Phi provides a life subscription to the Star & Lamp to all members through an online edition that is delivered by email and available on after each issue is published.
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A printed version of the Star & Lamp is provided to past and current members of the boards of directors of the greater Fraternity; current and active members of the Nu Phi Society; current alumni chapter, house corporation and undergraduate Council of Advisors appointed volunteers; past chapter and regional, district and area advisors; current members of standing committees; past and current archons; past and current alumni chapter officers and housing corporation members; fraternity and sorority national headquarters offices; fraternity and sorority life office staff members at chartered and prospective chapter campuses; past and current Pi Kappa Phi award recipients; past and current Pi Kappa Phi Foundation scholarship recipients; past and current members of Pi Alpha Society; past staff members of the Greater Fraternity; alumnus members who have met The Ability Experience donation benchmark in the past three years; and all donors who have met the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation donation benchmark in the past three years.

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