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Building a close-knit brotherhood is integral to the fraternal experience. What better way to foster that sense of community than to share a living space?
Pi Kappa Phi Properties
The mission of Pi Kappa Phi Properties is to help Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity chapters acquire, construct, improve, finance and/or manage housing that is competitive on their respective campuses. Pi Kappa Phi Properties originated from a need that the Fraternity could see growing from chapters across the country – the need for competitive and safe housing.
The idea for Pi Kappa Phi Properties was born out of a need seen by brothers nationwide to provide the utmost fraternity experience for all men of Pi Kappa Phi, including chapter housing. Since its establishment in 1966, Pi Kappa Phi Properties has made the dreams of numerous chapters a reality and has continued to provide support to chapters hoping to acquire housing, as well as resources to those chapters within the Pi Kappa Phi Properties portfolio.
Why is housing important?
Pi Kappa Phi Properties aims to provide a place for brotherhood to grow and thrive. The first fraternity houses originated in the late 19th century because there wasn’t enough housing on college campuses to accommodate a sudden wave of new students when colleges couldn’t afford to add additional housing. Now that need has shifted to a desire from affiliated students to live in communities of those who share similar values and have been bonded together by brotherhood. Housing provides chapters a space to call home on campus long after graduation.
What Purpose Does Pi Kappa Phi Properties Serve?
The purpose of Pi Kappa Phi Properties is to ensure all chapters of Pi Kappa Phi are given the opportunity to be competitive on their respective campuses, as well as provide the utmost undergraduate fraternity experience to all members. Houses provide a structured environment for fraternity members to create memories, hold each other to high standards and bond with one another.
How can Pi Kappa Phi Properties help you?
Pi Kappa Phi Properties can help chapters who are interested in housing or obtaining a chapter facility. The organization, in partnership with property management firm Alpha Fraternity Management, also provides undergraduate members who have an interest in living in their respective chapter facility or need assistance with move-in, move-out, signing a lease, maintenance, etc.
How can you contact Pi Kappa Phi Properties?
To contact Pi Kappa Phi Properties, please email us.

Pi Kappa Phi Properties

Which chapter facilities are currently owned by Pi Kappa Phi Properties?

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The gallery below includes various chapter houses of Pi Kappa Phi. Not all chapter houses depicted are Properties-owned houses.

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