Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders

Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders is a transformational, six-day leadership development experience that empowers participants to create the ideal chapter. It is targeted toward rising sophomores and juniors, and participants must apply to attend. Faculty members are leading professionals in higher education, including alumni and friends of the fraternity. Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders has proven to be one of the fraternity's most impactful and most enduring leadership experiences. Since 2015, 86% of all program graduates have gone on to hold leadership positions in their chapters or campus communities.
Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders 2020

COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19, we have canceled both sessions of Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders.

We still do not fully understand the implications this virus will have on our country and its citizens. In an effort to protect the physical and financial well-being of our members and their families, we feel it is best to cancel both sessions this summer. We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this time.


Participants must be initiated members of Pi Kappa Phi by May 15, 2020. Preference will be given to applicants going into their sophomore or junior year of college. Additionally, the fraternity may limit the number of participants from a single chapter who attend a session, although there is no restriction on how many members from a single chapter may apply. The admissions committee will base final decisions on the quality of the application submitted, as well as the diversity of chapters represented in a session.


In addition to large group sessions throughout the program, students also participate in small groups, called "huddles." Huddles are led by two faculty members comprised of one alumnus and one friend of the fraternity. In these groups, participants make friends, cultivate brotherhood, reflect on what’s been discussed and make meaning of each day’s curriculum. Ten huddle faculty positions are available for each session of Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders.

Additional Information

Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders is a substance-free learning environment. From the time of arrival to the time of departure, all attendees commit to remaining substance-free. If an individual chooses to violate this policy, he will be removed from the program, sent home at his expense and will reimburse Pi Kappa Phi for the full cost of his attendance.

For more information about Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders, contact Assistant Director of Training & Development, Rebecca Curtis.