Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

As Pi Kappa Phi’s officer training institute, Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers prepares newly elected, re-elected officers and key committee chairmen for their roles as leaders of their chapter.

Virtual Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers 2021

Pi Kappa Phi's annual executive council training, Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers, will be held virtually in 2021. Please note that there is no additional charge for this year's experience. If you have questions, please contact your Chapter Relationship Manager or Assistant Executive Director of Training & Development, Tavianna Williams.

Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers 2021 Details

Pi Kappa Phi’s annual conference for chapter leadership, Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers will be held virtually in 2021. 


All training will be conducted through a series of online modules, small group Zoom trainings, and Executive Council Zoom trainings during the month of January. Below are additional details for each component of training:

  • Online Modules: Each officer will complete position-specific online modules. Modules will highlight key responsibilities, helpful resources, and will feature “how-to” videos and other interactive content. The modules can be accessed through the Fraternity’s Learning Management System and completion will be tracked. You should set aside at least 90 minutes to complete all of your modules. Modules will be available to you beginning on December 21, 2020, and must be completed by January 17, 2021.

  • Position-Specific Zoom Sessions: The following positions will be required to complete a position-specific zoom session: Archon, Vice Archon, Treasurer, Warden, Chaplain, Standards Board Chairman, and Risk Management Chairman. Zoom sessions are designed to review important components of your role and allow an opportunity for questions. Sessions will be hosted during the last two weeks of January, between Monday-Friday of each week. Each session will require registration and will be capped at 30 participants. For more details about the dates and times of each session, please click HERE to visit the registration website. In order to fully engage in your assigned zoom session, you are required to complete your position-specific modules in advance.

  • Executive Council Zoom Sessions: Chapter Relationship Managers and Leadership Consultants will host Executive Council sessions designed to walk chapters through the goal setting and management process. Chapter Relationship Managers will work with chapter leadership to schedule the 90 minutes sessions. Your Chapter Relationship Manager or Leadership Consultant will communicate with you in mid-December and early January on how to schedule and select a time for your entire Executive Council to come together at the end of January for these sessions.


Attendance will be taken for each portion of the training for all officers. Below is an outline of the attendance expectations:

  • 100% completion/attendance of all training components related to Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers will count towards the insurance rebate for the chapter for the upcoming year.

  • Failure to complete 100% of the required position-specific online modules may result in removal from position and a $100 chapter fine per officer who does not fully complete their modules. (E.g. if 2 officers do not fully complete, the chapter will be fined $200, plus those two officers will be removed from their positions.)

  • Failure to attend any assigned position-specific video calls, without communicating a valid explanation to Assistant Director of Training & Development, Rebecca Curtis, will result in a $100 chapter fine per officer who misses. (E.g. if 3 officers do not attend their follow-up Zoom without communicating in advance, the chapter will be fined $300.

  • Failure to have at least 70% of the officers in attendance for the Executive Council session will result in a $50 chapter fine for each officer under missing under 7.

  • If none of the chapter officers complete any of the training components, then the entire chapter will be placed on an interim suspension of all activities except for recruitment, Associate Member Education, and chapter meetings until the officers complete the training, and/or are replaced and the newly elected officers are trained.