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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a list and contact information for my brothers?
    • In order to get a list of contact information, you must fill out this form and consent to the privacy policy statement. Alumni can get contact information for brothers from his chapter, but if you are planning a reunion or another Pi Kappa Phi event, we will send correspondence and marketing to the entire chapter alumni on your behalf.
  • Who can I contact in regard to celebrating milestone anniversary events for my chapter?
    • Complete this form and a staff member will be in touch to discuss how best the national organization can support your chapter’s anniversary celebration.
  • How can I connect with other brothers in my area?
    • You can find brothers in your area by using the Brother Search feature on our website. Additionally, search Facebook for Pi Kappa Phi groups organized based on geographical area, affinity and chapter.
  • How can I find a Pi Kappa Phi in a specific industry?
  • How can I give back to my Fraternity?
    • There are several ways you can give back. Donating to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation or our philanthropy The Ability Experience to support student scholarships and philanthropic initiatives. Volunteering is also a great way to give back to the next generation of brothers as well. You can fill out the Volunteer Interest Form here.
  • Why am I no longer receiving The Star & Lamp magazine?
  • What support do alumni organizations receive from the National Office?
  • How does an alumni organization get officially recognized by the national Fraternity?
    • You must submit bylaws, a list of officers and a petition with the names of at least 10 alumni who are willing to support the start-up. More information and examples can be found here. Alumni Chapter chartering fee is $50 and annual dues are $100 per organization.
  • Where can I report a deceased brother?
    • Report a brother who has passed to the Chapter Eternal here on pikapp.org.
  • I’ve damaged/lost my original legion/shingle. How can I receive a new one?
    • If you have lost or damaged your Legion and would like a replacement, email alumniservices@pikapp.org.
    • If you have lost or damaged your Shingle you can order another online. There is no cost for the replacement.