Pi Kapps run with the bulls

Brett Roberts, Iota Tau (Rutgers) prepares to run with the bulls

Pamplona is the capital of northern Spain’s Navarre province. It’s best known for the Running of the Bulls (Fiesta de San Fermín). During this legendary multi-day festival in July, bulls are led through the city streets by daredevil runners. We received the above photo from Brett Roberts, Iota Tau (Rutgers).

Two brothers from the Delta Beta Chapter (North Georgia), Nik Blanks and Ted Nguyen submitted the photos below which were taken at the same event:

Nik Blanks DB Running With Bulls

 Nik Blanks DB Running With Bulls2 071816

It is too bad these brothers were not able to meet up during the chaos of this annual event, but we’re glad they got some photos and sent them our way. If you have ever ran with the bulls and snapped a photo, be sure to share with us in the comments below or send us an email to letusknow [@] pikapp.org.