Illinois State Associate Chapter finds a place to be at home

Illinois State Associate Chapter House

The Illinois State Associate Chapter reached out to the owner of the house, Bill Ohlendorf. Bill has owned the house since the 1970’s when he built it for Delta Zeta Sorority. Bill also developed much of the area surrounding the house in Normal, Il. The chapter and Pi Kappa Phi Properties quickly formed a close relationship with Bill which lead to the eventual leasing of the house to the Illinois State Associate Chapter.

The chapter applied for an Infrastructure Loan Fund from Pi Kappa Phi Properties to furnish the house. After the Properties’ Board of Directors approved the loan, the chapter purchased 34 beds and mattresses along with several couches.

The chapter currently has 29 men living in the 34 bed house. They eat meals there daily and enjoy the basketball and volley ball courts in the backyard.