Tribes of the Nahrain by Richard Moore

thepastThough written in the format of historical novels, both works are based upon actual events and the stories of real Iraqi people across many ethnicities. Their stories provide us with an intricate journey through recent Iraqi history as seen through the eyes and words of individuals who lived, experienced and, in part, made and are still making that history. For most it was a time of vehement conflict, ethnic and religious upheaval, genocide, rising and then rampant jihadism, rabid tribalism, and western meddling; for some, a time of opportunity. Still, in this crossroads of east and west, it was not so different a time from thousands of years that came before.

thepresentMoore begins by posing a thought provoking challenge before he asks the reader to decide: ‘If we had somehow thought like an Iraqi, which is to understand the nature of tribes, might our western experience in Iraq, indeed all of the Middle East, have been different, past, present and future?’

‘Such a work of fiction comes along rarely’ … ‘Mind Opening’ … ‘Masterful’ … ‘A must read.’ (Pacific Book Review)

For context, Moore recommends interested readers begin with ‘The Past’. Book covers sent separately.

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