Timmes Receives NIC Gold Medal

The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) is honored to award its 2021 Gold Medal to Pi Kappa Phi Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes. NIC CEO Jud Horras said “Mark is considered one of the most trusted and loyal individuals in our profession. And perhaps most important personally, Mark is a treasured friend and true gentleman—to everyone he interacts with—while working to move the fraternity industry forward. As a colleague you just can’t ask for anyone better to work with, and I am grateful for his friendship and leadership.”

The presentation of the NIC Gold Medal dates back more than 70 years, making it one of the oldest interfraternal traditions. The Gold Medal is the highest honor the Conference can bestow and recognizes lifelong service to the interfraternal community. This is one of the most prestigious honors that can be awarded to an individual fraternity or sorority member.

Timmes’s impact on the interfraternal community was echoed in scores of nomination letters. As Fraternity Executives Association (FEA) CEO Nicki Meneley summarized, “Mark has dedicated his career to the improvement of the fraternity industry.”

Timmes’s service to the fraternity/sorority community is unmatched. He has served as President of FEA and Vice Chairman of FRMT, which provides risk management resources and education to improve the undergraduate experience of its member organizations. During his time with FEA, he helped build a lasting relationship with the Association of Student Conduct Administrators. This partnership was instrumental in allowing organizations a better opportunity to uphold the integrity of their student body. Additionally, Timmes has represented Pi Kappa Phi within the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference and the Coalition for Higher Education Associations for Substance Abuse.

Most prominently, Timmes has helped lead the NIC as a Governing Council representative, including time as secretary and treasurer. He was instrumental in the rebuilding of the NIC, which allowed the conference to become a more effective trade association. Additionally, he has chaired the NIC’s health and safety committee to create a safer undergraduate experience.

Timmes first joined the Pi Kappa Phi staff in 1981 as communication director. After attending law school and practicing law in Florida for 10 years, he returned in 1994 as Executive Director before being named CEO. National President William Sigmon said “I can think of no better way to recognize Mark’s lifelong service to the interfraternal community than the NIC Gold Medal of Distinction. This recognition appropriately pays tribute to a man I am proud to call my brother.”

Timmes joins Executive Director Emeritus Durward Owen and former National President Dr. Philip Summers as the third Pi Kappa Phi leader to receive the Gold Medal. Owen received the honor in 1993, and Summers was honored posthumously in 2014.