#ThrowbackThursday The Ultimate Experience in Freedom

Bruce Rodgers, Chi Chapter

Forty-five days and over 4,000 miles later, Bruce completed his ultimate goal by pedaling from coast to coast and raising over $1,000 for PUSH. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Bruce. “Beside being a personal form of celebration for my graduation and the good fortune I have enjoyed throughout my life, I realized that others could benefit through this venture as well. As the national service project of our fraternity, PUSH seemed like the logical place to start.” He then asked his friends and relatives to make a pledge to PUSH in lieu of a graduation gift.

“At times the trip was the ultimate experience in freedom – riding down a lone country road, crystal clear blue sky, the sun shining brightly, a swift tail wind and the pedals spinning effortlessly. And then at other times, the trip was the ultimate lesson in spiritual, physical, and mental discipline.

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