#ThrowbackThursday Flyin’ High

Being in control of a fighter plane that weighs in at 36,710 pounds with the capability to travel up to 1185 miles per hour sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity for the average person. But, for Abe Bush, Delta Omega (Texas A&M), it is just a typical day at work as a pilot for the United States Navy flying the F/A-18 “Hornet.”

Bush says that he has felt the urge to be up among the clouds since he was a young boy.


“The desire to fly my whole life has definetly been there….growing up and visiting air shows, seeing all the military aircraft and the demonstration teams such as the” Blue Angels” from the Navy only made my desire to be a pilot strong, especially a Naval Aviator. Flying a $30 million dollar high performance tactical jet off aircraft carriers all over the world was too much excitment to pass up.” He is currently stationed in California and recently moved to a fleet squardon, the Might Shrikes of VFA-94. The squadron is assigned to the USS CARL VINSON and Brother Bush will be with them for three years.

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