Theta Kappa brothers advance in Baylor singing competition

Every year in late February, Baylor holds a competition for all fraternities and sororities called Sing. This is a tradition that has been on campus for decades, and most of the students and many alumni and parents attend. Each chapter puts together a production consisting of singing and dancing. The top eight organizations advance to Pigskin, where each act perform the same act in the following semester. For a chapter to advance to Pigskin is important because it gets the chapter’s name out on campus just in time for fall rush. Theta Kappa has never advanced to Pigskin before this year.

Senior Sing chairs Wesley Abercrombie, Jonas Kruse and Johnathon Permetti led the chapter to Pigskin for the first time in history. Graduating seniors Austin Mozingo, Jonas Kruse, and Wesley Abercrombie (pictured) fought with all their strength to advance the chapter to Pigskin even though the three of them will not be present next semester to participate. It was truly amazing to see the fight in these seniors as they left their hearts out on the stage of Waco Hall for the last time ever.