Theta Chapter brings “Not On My Campus” to the University.

Statistics show that one in five women are sexually assaulted while in college, as well as one in 16 men. Another problem is that more than 90 percent of sexual assault victims do not report their assault. Sexual assaults generally include any type of sexual conduct or sexual contact that is not consensual and is forced, coerced or when the victim could not give consent.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The University of Cincinnati is helping to bring awareness for gender-based violence through many events on campus such as, Not On My Campus. The Theta Chapter (Cincinnati) of Pi Kappa Phi has started this student-led social media movement to start discussion and help end the silence of sexual assault to create a safer environment on campus. Pi Kappa Phi has created a Facebook page, Not On My Campus – University of Cincinnati, to raise awareness and inform those who are survivors of campus services and to give other students hope. The fraternity is asking for students to write “Not On My Campus” on the palm of their hand and take a picture to post on social media. They are hoping for the movement to go viral and have other universities join to bring awareness to the issue.

University of Cincinnati third year student, Jennifer Schoewe, has been behind this social media movement on campus along with the fraternity. Schoewe is a hero and survivor of sexual assault. After hearing Schoewe’s story, the fraternity was inspired and more than happy to raise awareness for other survivors on campus. Schoewe wants NOMC to help students by showing them they are not alone and they have support.

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