Seton Hall alum runs marathon in honor of chapter rechartering

He graduated in 2006 with a BA in Criminal Justice, and was accepted to Seton Hall University’s School of Law. Shortly after his acceptance, Anthony decided a career in medicine would be a more rewarding and noble profession. In keeping with the principles he learned as a Pi Kapp, “service to others,” Anthony became a nationally certified volunteer EMT with the West Orange First Aid Squad, and acquired employment both at St. Barnabas Medical Center (Livingston, NJ) and Morristown Medical Center (Morristown, NJ) working in the Emergency Department.

In addition to his employment, Anthony began to self finance his pre-medical education. He is currently completing these studies at Montclair State University, and will be taking his MCAT’s, and applying to medical school.

Anthony started his running career in November 2013. In fact, he ran his first New York City Half marathon in March of 2013, just 3 months after doing so. He completed the 5- Borough series in 2015 which included the NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island half marathons. To date, Anthony has completed 10 half marathons, and 2 full marathons. In 2015, Anthony ran his first TCS New York City Marathon, however it was his second TCS New York City Marathon held on November 6, 2016 which meant the most to him.

Anthony looks back fondly on his university days and in particular his life as an active member of Pi Kappa Phi at Seton Hall University. This is what made receiving a letter in December of 2011 very difficult and disheartening. Unfortunately, Epsilon Theta’s charter was being revoked, and suddenly all of those memories, rituals and history were at risk of being lost forever.

Fortunately, some of Anthony’s alumni brothers were able to work with the national Fraternity over the course of the past 5 years, and as of November, 2016, Epsilon Theta has been successfully rechartered. The traditions and values of Pi Kappa Phi will once again dominate Greek life at Seton Hall University. At present, Pi Kappa Phi is the largest fraternity on campus, and has returned to its former glory.

As a tribute, and a gesture to wish Epsilon Theta continued success, Anthony decided to run what most likely will be his last marathon wearing his letters. We say most likely his last, due to the enormous amount of training, and time required to prepare for one. With the MCAT’s and applications on the horizon we don’t think he will have the time, which in a way adds a little more sentiment to it. Then again, Anthony has been known to surprise us. When asked what he has learned from his running experiences, he has stated; “never stop believing and always believe in yourself even when faced with the greatest of challenges. It is in these moments that character is built.”

We often receive the Star & Lamp publication, and figured you would like to know the impact this organization has made on our son. We wish you all the best. Go Pi Kapp!

Toni, and Bahir Ibrahim