Reuniting 40 years later

Mike Hutchinson left, George Perreault right George Perreault

During the trip they had the opportunity to take a number of shore excursions with other passengers. During one excursion to an abbey somewhere in Austria, George became aware of another gentleman in the group who looked vaguely familiar. He noted his mannerisms and his distinctive voice. As they moved with the group, George said to him, “You have an uncanny resemblance to a fraternity brother I knew in the 70s.” He looked at George, and said, “Pi Kappa Phi, Mercer University!”

From the depths of his memory George recalled his name; Mike Hutchinson. His wife did a double take at the coincidence, since it had been over 40 years since they had seen each other. Everyone had a grand reunion marveling at this “small world” story, and catching up. No matter what the chances of this type of encounter might be, it made for a great memory for the trip. No matter where you travel, you may always meet another Pi Kappa Phi brother enjoying the same adventure.