Push America Recognizes: BSW, Inc.

BSW, Inc. offers a wide variety of services, including Assistive Technology, Community Employment, Community Supports, Day Program, Intensive Services, Job Development and Placement, Residential Services and Transportation. We also offer Work Experience Training with our Manufacturing Division, Miscellaneous Contracts, Processing Plant, Thrift Store, Newspaper Routes, Work Crew, Kitchen Crew, and Mailing Contracts.

The Push America visit to Butte, Montana is the most eagerly anticipated event of the year for BSW, Inc. consumers, staff and families! From their first visit to Butte, we have been totally amazed and enthralled by this group of young men. They are clean-cut, friendly, outgoing, eager to help without being asked, and extremely mannerly.

BSW, Inc., with assistance from the RMARC (a local non-profit group that supports events for people with developmental disabilities), annually hosts the Push America team, local consumers and staff/volunteers to a dinner of fried chicken, spaghetti, jo-jo potatoes (a Butte favorite) and dessert. We generally have about 200-250 at this event. Following the dinner, we have great fellowship, live music, dancing, and just a really fun evening. No one is left out of the fun; even the shy people are encouraged to participate in the activities or just a quiet conversation.

The “Biker Boys”, as we affectionately call them, are very friendly and “hands-on” with our consumers. They pose for endless pictures, listen attentively to the stories our consumers tell them, share their experiences and journeys with us, help serve and clean up, dance and dance and dance, and generally create a rewarding experience for everyone.

The joy this group brings to all of us is very evident on the faces of everyone presentÑall we see are big smiles! The Biker Boys are the topic of happy conversation for weeks before and after their visit. The pictures of the consumers with their favorite Biker Boys are treasured mementos of a very happy evening that will be shown to everyone.

We just can’t express how much we enjoy our visits with our Biker Boys! We hope their trips to Butte go on forever!