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A boiler is a closed vessel that operates at a positive pressure when water is heated by burning a fuel. Each component of the system was designed or chosen to work in conjunction with all other parts to make this automatic heater safe and efficient. Malfunction of the boiler or fuel burning equipment can result in catastrophic failure causing an explosion or fire.

Once a year, every boiler should:

  • Have waterside cleaned
    • Sludge can cause the furnace to use more fuel and become more expensive
  • Have the fireside cleaned
    • A dirty fireside can result in corrosion and may cause a furnace explosion
  • Be visually inspected after being cleaned
    • Look for corrosion, cracking, and any other abnormal conditions in the waterside. The fireside should be examined for soot, damaged seals, and indications of leaking.

Before you turn on the heat, a technician should:

  • Test all controls and safety devices
  • Clean and service the fuel burning device
  • Clean and test the electrical supply


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