Pi Kappa Phi Recognizes Outstanding Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisors

On behalf of all of us at Pi Kappa Phi: Thank you!
Without our Fraternity & Sorority Advisors, we would not be where we are today. Each and every day we are thankful for the work that you do to help support our students. The impact you make on each young man’s life will benefit them for years to come.

Kevin Grunder (Stony Brook University): Kevin is incredibly committed to our Stony Brook chapter’s growth and pushes our students to challenge themselves when it comes to creating a reputation on campus. Kevin demonstrates this commitment when helping our students bring new members into Pi Kappa Phi. He is a pleasure to work with and communicates what the chapter needs to succeed.

Ashley Baudouin (Furman University): Ashley does an amazing job helping and supporting our students at Furman. She pushes the members of Pi Kappa Phi to become the ideal chapter in every way. Ashley supports the entire chapter and works with individual students to help them become exceptional leaders.

Will Cangialosi (The Ohio State University): Will is a fantastic fraternity/sorority life advisor. He has created an ideal partnership in working with the university, chapter, and national office. Will passionately works with each student and wants to see Pi Kappa Phi live up to its potential.

Kerry McCarthy (Kennesaw State University): In her short time at Kennesaw State, Kerry has been an integral part in continuing to build an ideal fraternity/sorority life system. She has quickly built a relationship with our members and supports them through effective communication, understanding, and guidance. Kerry’s leadership helps students grow into better leaders in Pi Kappa Phi, on campus, and in the community.

Ashley Torres (Sacramento State University): Ashley has been a key part of our support system at Sacramento State University. Ashley is always willing to help students improve in academics, campus involvement and service.