Pi Kappa Phi Properties celebrates 50 years

Gamma Gamma Chapter at Troy chapter House from 1979Ñ95

Pi Kappa Phi Properties was incorporated on February 4th, 1966. The initial attempt, in a funny turn of events, eventually grew into Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. The first meeting of the Pi Kappa Phi Properties Executive Committee was held in conjunction with the chartering of the Gamma Gamma chapter at Troy University (Troy State University at the time) on Sunday, April 10th, 1966, more than a year later.


 Gamma Gamma Chapter Chartering


Durward W. Owen and Bo Barrow

Durward W. Owen (Executive Secretary, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity), Frank Hawthorne (President), Jimmy May (Vice President), Charles Tom Henderson (Vice President) were all in attendance. It was then that the Executive Committee decided to buy their first house for the Gamma Gamma chapter (Troy University). This would actually become the second house the Gamma Gamma chapter would call home. The house was unfortunately lost in 1970’s to a fire.


Pi Kappa Phi Properties first purchase. The Gamma Gamma Chapter house after fire damage.