Pi Kappa Phi Emergency Management Plan

Pi Kappa Phi Gold Card

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If an Emergency Occurs

If an emergency occurs, call 911 immediately. After 911 has been called, follow these additional steps when appropriate.

  • The designated chapter officer (e.g., archon, officer next in line if the archon is not present, etc.) takes charge.
  • Cooperate fully with the needs of any public safety organization (police, medical or fire personnel).
  • Contact appropriate officials (National Headquarters contact, advisor and university contact).
  • Restrict access to the chapter house/incident location. The archon (or officer in charge) must have complete control of the situation and be aware of who is in the area. Permit only your members and appropriate officials to enter.
  • Assign one or more responsible members to guard the door calmly.
  • Do not tamper with any part of the area involved in the incident, specifically things that might be construed as evidence or areas involved with the incident.
  • Assemble your members in a group (in case of fire, assemble outside, in the designated evacuation area or a safe distance from the facility). Remain calm. Remind members that only the archon or chapter advisor can speak for the Fraternity — members are not to speak to anyone (including friends, significant others, parents, the university) about the emergency.
  • Do not discuss details, speculate on events or elaborate on the situation.
  • Submit all requested information about the incident to the proper authorities.

If reporting sexual misconduct:

  • As soon as the chapter is made aware of an allegation of sexual assault regarding an associate or initiated member, the chapter’s archon must notify National Headquarters staff utilizing the contact information on the Gold Card.
  • Undergraduate chapters should NOT investigate or adjudicate cases of alleged sexual misconduct on their own. Instead, they should inform National Headquarters staff for further direction.
  • Resources will be shared with information about Pi Kappa Phi’s process for investigating and adjudicating allegations of sexual misconduct for both the alleged impacted party and the alleged member.
  • Questions about the sexual misconduct process can be made to Director of Standards and Accountability Alex Maxwell or Sara Perry or Director of Member Accountability Emily Feinstein.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis:

Call or text 988 to access the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Student or Chapter of Concern Report Form

Please use this form to report concerns related to a Pi Kappa Phi chapter or member. Please contact Pi Kappa Phi National Headquarters at (704) 504-0888 if you have any questions or want to speak directly to a National Headquarters staff member. 

Media Response Protocols 

      • Be courteous to the reporter.
      • If you are aware of reporters on your campus, don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing Pi Kapp letters during the time media are present.
      • You are encouraged to use the following language: “I don’t have information or an opinion to share but suggest you contact Maureen Walker atmwalker@pikapp.org.”
      • Share with the reporter Maureen’s contact information: mwalker@pikapp.org.
      • Please text Maureen at (303) 929-0481 or email at mwalker@pikapp.org to let her know of the inquiry. Please share with her the reporter’s name and news outlet if you have it.
      • No members should provide further statements to any media outlet. However, do not use the phrase “no comment.” Refer inquiries to Maureen Walker.