Pi Kappa Phi Brother takes a ÔJourney of HopeÕ across America

The trip is part of the fraternity’s philanthropic effort, The Ability Experience. Pi Kappa Phi owns and operates the philanthropy themselves, and is the only Greek organization in the country to do so. They provide accommodations for people with disabilities through construction projects and by raising money from cycling programs.

“It’s really why I joined this fraternity,” said Camejo. “I feel that it’s a lot different in the sense that it focuses on relationships with people that it helps instead of just donating money. It’s more of a personal bond with people that you’re helping.”
“Journey of Hope” is the philanthropy’s biggest event. It all started in 1987, with a team of 21 team members raising $20,000, according to the Ability Experience website. Since then, it has expanded into three different routes that over 100 fraternity members cycle each summer from coast to coast. Teams now raise more than $500,000 each year.

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