Pi Kapp Wins At Tennessee Tech Research Day

Bryson-Higgins won for the College of Interdisciplinary Studies for my project “Stigma As A Barrier to Care in the HIV+ and Transgender Communities “. 

He surveyed 135 people—65 that identify as transgender and 70 as people living with HIV in Appalachia—and used the research to create a training brochure for healthcare providers in Appalachia.

That training is being implemented at his hospital, a local health department, and several area clinics in East TN. 

Bryson-Higgins is a Senior at TN Tech studying for his Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Management and Psychology and already has associate degree and diploma in nursing. He works as the program nurse for an HIV substance abuse program and is responsible for the infection control at his hospital. 

“It meant a lot to me for my brothers to come out and see me compete at the TN Tech Research & Creative Inquiry Day,” he said.