Pi Kapp alum competing in Fightmaster Cup

The event is comparable to the Ryder Cup which is an international men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States, but the Fightmaster Cup is for one-armed golfers who must play “one-handed” by reason of traumatic injury, birth defect, or medical condition. This year the tournament is being held at Indian Wells Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, California.

The tournament is played between one-armed golfers from the North American One-Armed Golfer Association, formed in 2000, and the Society of One-Armed Golfers, formed in 1932 and based in Glasgow, Scotland.

The mission of NAOAGA is to promote the game of golf to those that must play “one-handed” due to a physically-challenged condition for the purpose of competition, recreation, and physical & emotional rehabilitation.

Chris is also the chapter advisor for the Alpha Nu Chapter at Ohio State. Best of luck this week, Chris. We’re rooting for you.

Learn more about the NAOAGA.