Omega (Purdue) Pi Kapps get pied for charity

Passersby and predetermined attackers could make a pie consisting of various condiments – including whipped cream, syrup, ketchup, mustard and/or ranch dressing – for a donation to smear or throw the concoction in the face of a Pi Kappa Phi member or associate member.

The two-day pie event raised $616 for The Ability Experience, the national fraternity’s outreach effort supoprting people with disabilities.

The Sept. 17-18 Pi a Pi Kapp event was held at the belltower in the center of the Purdue University campus. It kicks a week of public fund-raising and awareness-building.

At 5 p.m., Wednesday, the fraternity embarks on the Eighth Annual David Feltner 72-Hour Memorial Bike-a-Thon. The early part of the ride will occur outside Haas Hall, but will move to the belltower location after midnight, Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Two or three bikes will be manned around the clock until 5 p.m., Saturday. Riders are committed to raising at least $10 per hour. The event will also include alumni who commit to $25 per hour to ride. Abilities Week is annually scheduled during Purdue’s homecoming week.

The Bike-a-Thon is in memory of Feltner, who died in 2011 while a chapter member from a rare form of cancer. The proceeds go to The Ability Experience because Feltner was very committed to the chapter’s outreach program, both from service and fund-raising perspectives.

Thus far this year, the chapter has raised more than $10,000. The Bike-a-Thon raised more than $4,000 last year alone.