North Route 2010: Breckenridge, Colorado

This morning came early after some of the team members spent the afternoon the day before out on the town. Today was a big day for all of us. We had a long 110 mile ride into Breckenridge, Colorado. After a crew chief breakfast, we headed out on the bikes, riding through Steamboat Springs before we started climbing up the big pass of the day. We climbed up about ten miles and reached the summit of Rabbit Ears Pass, which was also the continental divide. After some pictures were taken, the pace-lines got back on the road towards Breck.

We had lunch at mile 70 at Green Mountain Reservoir, which was sponsored by Dustin Jackson, one of the cycling coaches who helped us out while we were in San Francisco for orientation. After lunch we got ready for the last forty miles, which was into a headwind. We reached mile 100 and started the end of our ride around beautiful Lake Dillon. We eventually got into town, and turned right only to find a massive uphill to lodging at Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center.

Lodging was incredible, the place was very nice and it was on a small lake near the slopes. After showering up, the team departed for dinner in town at Quandry’s Grill. Dinner was sponsored by Bruce and Sally Rogers. After dinner, people spent time in town since we had the day off on Sunday.

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