Making a Difference through Brotherhood

Mental Health

Have you, a brother or a friend been feeling stressed, anxious, sad, irritable or unfocused lately? You’re not alone. At least half of college students reported that within the past year they’ve felt so stressed that they couldn’t function. These feelings may seem completely normal, but they may also require help to overcome. Pi Kappa Phi seeks to change that with the Behind Happy Faces Mental Health Curriculum. We provide five lessons to facilitate with your chapter to help your members understand mental health, learn coping skills and talk to a brother who may be experiencing a mental health challenge.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis:

Call or text 988 to access the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Behind Happy Faces

Engage in positive conversations with your brotherhood, guided through modules that explore a variety of topics on mental health. Created alumnus Ross Szabo, Theta Eta (American), Behind Happy Faces explores how we can better ourselves by being conscious of our mental wellbeing.

Talk to Someone Now

Undergraduate and alumni members have access to Health Management Systems of America's network of 13,000 behavioral health counselors across the country to serve as a resource to the members of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. To access these services, members should call (866) 227-3834.

Behind Happy Faces Presentations

Read the Behind Happy Faces Introduction Before Facilitating this Program

Lesson One: Understanding Mental Health

Powerpoint | Lesson Plan

Lesson Two: Your Mental Health

Powerpoint | Lesson Plan

Lesson Three: Changing Ineffective Coping

Powerpoint | Lesson Plan

Lesson Four: Talk to a Brother

Powerpoint | Lesson Plan

Lesson Five: Before the Breakdown

Powerpoint | Lesson Plan