March Madness returns this spring

Chapters will face off and compete in an online fundraising competition. Our goal this year is to raise $75,000 to support the programs of The Ability Experience, specifically Ability Camps. These programs make a lasting impact on camps across the country that serve people with disabilities through countless hours of manpower and in the form of grants. A majority of the funding for these programs comes from the efforts of our undergraduate students.

The qualifying round for the competition will start Thursday, March 1. This year the competition will be bigger and better. The top 16 chapters in each region (add Map) will be placed in the tournament for a grand total of 64 chapters in round 1. The official tournament rules can be found here.

This competition is expected to get heated, so we encourage undergraduate, alumni and friends of the fraternity to support their chapter and support a great cause!
The Ability Experience has upped its game with prizes and you can check them out on the official landing page.

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Want to get your chapter involved? Talk to your philanthropy chairman and reach out to your Ability Experience Regional Director today.

Zack Agerton, Coach of the Northeast

Spencer Haworth, Coach of the Midwest

Mike McBride, Coach of the West

Gary Sugg, Coach of the Southeast

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