Kolby Eller, Theta Lambda, visits White house for It’s On Us campaign

Official White House photographer David Lienemann

Not only did he get the uncommon opportunity to meet Vice-President Joe Biden, but he also got to learn more about the organization that he is so passionate about. Kolby’s day consisted of a meeting at the White House with members of the Student Advisory Committee for It’s On Us. Topics included what they were doing on their campuses and how they prepare effective strategies to increase student outreach.

The meeting was followed by a reception at the Naval Observatory (the VP’s home). Vice-President Biden came down the stairs and spoke to the room for around 30 minutes about why he is passionate about ending sexual assault and about the Violence Against Women Act (which he introduced to Congress when he was a Senator representing Delaware). After he spoke he then went to his study where he met with each of the Advisory Council members one on one and took a photo with each member.