Khoi Tran

Khoi Tran. Epsilon Eta Chapter (Winthrop)

Why were you interested in attending UIFI?
I had a brother that attended UIFI through our Interfraternity Council that absolutely loved the lessons and experiences he gained through the Institute. This brother that attended has become one of my biggest role models throughout life, and I knew if he loved an experience I didn’t want to miss out on it.

What are three things you learned as result of attending UIFI?
-Focusing on the “why” can be the bridge between members and a large-scale project
-The consequential actions nationwide about specific Greek campuses
-Lifelong fraternal bonds can be made across campuses, councils, and the country

How did attending UIFI impact you as a fraternity man?
It brought attention to the large-scale national efforts made to enhance the fraternal experience for each member in conjunction with each organization’s local & national efforts. The NIC did a great job in creating an institute that challenges the mindset of each participant.

How are you planning to apply what you learned during UIFI to your chapter and campus community?
I am taking a larger effort to be more active within the Interfraternity Council and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at Winthrop University. During the past years of my undergraduate career, I’ve focused solely on the internals of the Epsilon Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, but I want to take my efforts further to reach a larger scale community.

What did you learn about leadership during this experience that you want to pass along to other Pi Kappa Phi brothers?
Leadership isn’t just delegating or taking charge of a project. Challenging the process every step of the way can be the difference between a life-changing brotherhood and group of men.

Why would you encourage other bothers to attend UIFI in the future?
The networking opportunities are truly what I took most from UIFI. I have lifelong friends across the country that know the problems I face at my University, and they are there to hold me accountable to fixing those problems. It’s also an isolated experience that focuses solely on the Greek community which allows for a more serious forum that isn’t created easily back at home.