June 26, 2019

Photo Spotlight from Iota Mu (Arkansas – Fort Smith): “Brothers of the Iota Mu Chapter’s Lambda Class have officially finished their rose garden yesterday. They started this project so that they could not only show their passion for their fraternity and campus but wanted to be able to leave a legacy on the campus that would stand long beyond their time. They are the first of any fraternity on their campus to do this and will continue to upkeep the garden for years to come. These brothers wanted to instill on their campus what it really means to be a brother of Pi Kappa Phi.”

From Left to Right:
Ethan Williams
Brandon Romero
Naythan Dyke
Ethan Hamilton
Jonathan Turco

Photos by Tristian Price

Lambda Class not Pictured
Nick Harris
Brandon Way
Chandler West
Colton Vereyken

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