July 8, 2019

Photo Spotlight from William Pechous, Kappa Lambda (Wisconsin):

“Another Update:

Well, we’re now through Colorado and into state #5, Nebraska. I would say that Colorado has been nothing short of wonderful to me. Some of these pictures are from a camp for people with disabilities in Empire, Colorado where we got to spend the day working with the campers and making memories. After that, we climbed up to a little under 12,000 feet to get over Loveland Pass and finally we rode into Denver. There we participated in an event called Pedals For Pennies with the Special Olympics of Colorado and got to perform our dance in a dance competition against the TransAmerica route of Journey of Hope. There’s not much I can say now that I haven’t said before. This trip has been nothing short of life-changing and the fact that we are only a few days away from being halfway through is truly mind-boggling. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the trip and the wonderful midwest has in store for us as we continue on our Journey of Hope.

(Via Facebook / William Pechous)

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