Journey of Hope South Route 2006: Pulling into Jackson, California

It was definately the best friendship visit to date! The food was delicious and they had a great welcome set up for us as we circled arond the pavillion on the bikes. We heard many of the stories from the staff about how the clients look forward to Journey of Hope arriving every year and it really pumped everyone up.

Along with the clients, there were also a lot of staff members and their families at the friendship visit. I had the great opportunity to eat lunch with a boy named Josiah whose mom worked with the ARC clients. After having a fun time getting to know him and joking around with him, he had to go home with his mom. However, about 15 minutes later he showed back up to give me a cross necklace he had made that morning in VBS. It was pretty special to have him come back and give me something to remember him by. His mom said that he insisted on going back to give it to his “new best friend”.

What a great time we all had! We are all going to need the energy especially since tomorrow we have to conquor Kirkwood and Carson Pass, by far the hardest day on the trip.

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