Jacob Drees

Jacob Drees, Beta Iota Chapter (Toledo)

Why were you interested in attending LeaderShape?
I am always trying to better myself and the organizations I am a part of. I saw LeaderShape as a way for me to make my chapter stronger and become a better leader.

What are three things you learned as result of attending LeaderShape?
LeaderShape allowed me to gain clarity of what my personal vision is. The LeaderShape Institute’s goal is to prove that fraternity and sorority members can change the world. These visions are the result of values and experiences each individual has gained. Through these visions, we can change the world.

LeaderShape also taught me a lot about myself. Through the use of family clusters, we grow closer to a group of ten individuals and an advisor, our own little family. After spending hours with our family cluster we speak to each other one on one to provide feedback on behaviors we have noticed throughout the session. The feedback session is meant to help you grow as an individual and as a leader. I learned that feedback is good, and to accept it. It allows you to become a better person.

How did attending LeaderShape impact you as a fraternity man?
The fraternity stereotype affects every one of us. LeaderShape is the story that is never told. The story the media doesn’t talk about. LeaderShape is the story of fraternity and sorority members coming together for a common cause. We as members of the LeaderShape strive to better our communities. We own our individual and organization values. LeaderShape proves that we are not the stereotype, rather we are the leaders on campus, in the work force, in life. We live our values, and we change the world. LeaderShape allowed me to prove that I am a fraternity man, living to break the stereotypes surrounding Greek Life.

How are you planning to apply what you learned during LeaderShape to your chapter and campus community?
LeaderShape introduces the concept of GAG, or Going Against the Grain. This means to try new or rarely used behaviors to become a better you. I plan on using the GAG concept in my chapter to encourage my brothers to break habits that could be impairing their success, or to add on positive behaviors to their daily regiment.

Another LeaderShape lesson I want to apply to my campus, community and chapter is emotional intelligence. Something I was encouraged to work on is recognizing the thoughts and feelings of others, and how my words affect what they feel. In a feedback session, I was taught that I have a lot of great ideas, but need to present them to impact my audience better. I want to practice that to better impact others when I am speaking in the classroom or in chapter meeting. By practicing this, I can gain better relationships and represent my chapter even better.

What did you learn about leadership during this experience that you want to pass along to other Pi Kappa Phi brothers?
Each brother of Pi Kappa Phi has envisioned their ideal chapter. Throughout your membership, you have the opportunity to make an impact. Take your vision, and better your chapter, better your campus, and better your life. The time is now. Dream big and make your visions real.

Why would you encourage other bothers to attend LeaderShape in the future?
The best part about LeaderShape is that you aren’t surrounded by all Pi Kapps. You’re surrounded by an Interfraternal circle of brothers and sisters from different fraternities and sororities. Each organization has their trials and tribulations to conquer; You’re not alone. Through this experience, you can grow in a diverse sense, being able to take best practices from completely different organizations, and implementing them to make your chapter ideal. You can grow as an individual to benefit your chapter and the organization as a whole. You can gain clarity with your dreams and visions. You can make them real if you just take the first steps and just apply.

I leave with a quote, “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” Ð Max DePree

Attending LeaderShape is one of the best steps I’ve taken to moving closer toward where I want to be in my life. I want to see more of my Fraternity brothers join in on such a great cause. By doing so, they can move closer to creating the ideal chapter, and proving that fraternity and sorority members defy the stereotype. We can truly change the world.

Thank you to Pi Kappa Phi for allowing me this opportunity to improve as a leader, and seek to improve the world around me.