Iota Omicron Chapter (Iona) meets past National Historian Frank T. Wrenn III

The historic moment of this game was Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski going for his 1,000th win. He would be the first head coach to achieve that goal as a Division 1 coach. Madison Square Garden was immersed with Duke Blue Devil fans from across the country for this historic game.

In the crowd was a gentleman who we may all recognize and have respect for, past National Historian Frank T. Wrenn III. Wrenn has stayed in strong connection with the Iota Omicron Chapter and how we continue to live through the creed. During half-time between St. Johns and Duke, Wrenn messaged Chris Gillen, our current Vice-Archon and we had the opportunity to meet him.

The greatest aspect behind meeting Mr. Wrenn was not that he sat on the board of the National Council but he’s a man who has had great experiences in life ranging from education from Duke University and Yale. Also, from the moment he shook all of our hands you could tell he truly cared about us as men and the future of Pi Kappa Phi as a whole. One great lesson we all took from meeting Wrenn was he was a man who didn’t only care about his chapter but the future of how we should carry ourselves as men.