Iota Nu Brother Hits it Out of the Park with Viral Video

With a plan to create a documentary about the opening day game, Micah was recording video throughout the game. He had a GoPro camera mounted on his forehead and what happened next was unexpected and perfectly captured in HD video.

Biloxi Shuckers Pitcher Tyler Wagner swung his bat launching a line drive hit into the right-field side-stands directly where Micah was sitting. Micah reached his hand out and caught the ball barehanded to the cheers and applause of the audience surrounding him.

Following the game, Micah uploaded his video to YouTube where it quickly went viral amassing nearly 2,000,000 hits and hundreds of comments. Over the next few months, Micah was featured on ESPN, the MLB Network, Inside Edition, FOX News, Sports Center and many other news outlets all for simply catching a baseball on video. We can’t wait to see what he catches on video next.

Watch his Video