Iota Beta Participates in Chocoholic Frolic

Members and close friends of the Fraternity showed up to Morgan’s Wonderland at 7:00 A.M. to volunteer their service in every way possible. The hopes were to make sure everyone who participated in the run enjoyed their time and had a memorable experience! From setting up tables in the morning, to handing out waters to all the runners, to even guiding all the runners down the right path so no one would get lost, they did it all.

The gentlemen of Pi Kappa Phi enjoyed every moment of this day and better yet, they couldn’t feel anymore at home! The 5k/10k took place at Morgan’s Wonderland! This theme park is designed specifically to bring an incredible experience to children with disabilities. Pi Kappa Phi’s Philanthropy, The Ability Experience, is just that! Pi Kapp’s all around the nation are known for the impact they bring to families and individuals with disabilities. Its this organization’s passion! Needless to say, being able to volunteer at this event and especially at this place really hit home for all the Gentlemen of Pi Kappa Phi.