Idaho Associate Chapter attends Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

The event lasted from the 21st to the 24th of January and although three days doesn’t sound like much time at all, it was plenty of time to learn about new and exciting ways to further our chapter. Using the knowledge we obtained from this weekend we hope to use it to achieve our goal of chartering in the spring. The picture contains the members William Knox, Cory Cornette, Matt Buchannan, Lucas Villagomez, Aran Burke, Blake Coker, Will Kennedy, Jacob Hruska, Ryker Benlap, and Mack Owings.

The chapter is very eager to bring back what we have learned to the rest of the chapter so that we can reach our goals. One of the steps we have already taken to reach those goals was to sign up six of the ten members at attendance to participate in a summer event this upcoming season. To already have this much enthusiasm about The Ability Experience is a great step in the right direction.