House & Home Spotlight: Nebraska

The first bet was with the Gamma Iota Chapter (LSU) in the 1970 season Orange Bowl National Championship Game, which Nebraska won 17-12, clinching their first ever National Championship in football.

The second was with the Alpha Gamma Chapter (Oklahoma) of the 1971 season, made even more interesting as Nebraska and Oklahoma were ranked #1 and #2, respectively. The game ended up being coined as “the game of the century,” with Johnny “the Jet” Rodgers’ punt return that clinched a 35-31 victory.

After the Nu Chapter closed in the early 70s, an alumnus took the skins for safe keeping and held them since, even when the chapter was reopened from 1985-1996. Nu rechartered again in 2009, and after sending out a newsletter this last spring, the alumnus was so impressed with the growth of the chapter that he stopped by and gave the skins back to the chapter.

The skins are now framed and mounted to the wall in the chapter house basement, where chapter meetings are held.

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