Gamma Nu Chapter hosts philanthropy showcase

GammaNu-philanthropyweek-03252015Letters, banners, couches, speakers, and the bikes were set up and once the clock turned to 4:00 p.m the pedaling started. The chapter was fortunate enough to have a local bike shop lend a tent for the event. After the sun set, movies were used to make the time pass a little faster as brothers pedaled throughout the night. As noon approached, the temperature rose, but participation did not fall.

Gamma Nu finished the event out strong after 24 hours. The chapter also hosted a campaign to end the “R” word. They asked students to pledge to end the use of the word and used the opportunity to explain that our fraternity’s philanthropy, The Ability Experience, partners with the end the “R” word movement. The chapter was able to get over 100 people to listen and pledge to end the use of this hateful word.