Gamma Beta alumnus John Maxwell publishes book called Susanna Mother of Columbus

From his earliest training in clubs, hotels, and restaurants, Chef Maxwell established a reputation for having a solid foundation in classical cuisine and as a leading innovator in the local culinary scene. His cooking program, Chef Maxwell’s Kitchen, has been televised in more than 80 markets throughout the US. His cooking skills are featured in many videos on YouTube and elsewhere. He has visited Europe, Latin America, and Asia representing Virginia’s Seafood Industry and teaching professional chefs around the world the details of Southern Cooking.

In addition to his culinary activities, Chef Maxwell is an accomplished author with a published cookbook, short stories, poetry, and a novel, Susanna, Mother of Columbus to his credit. Susanna is part of a larger project detailing the early life of Christopher Columbus. Susanna, Mother of Columbus is available now on Kindle and in paperback. This is the first book of a four part series. Within the pages of these books you will meet three remarkable women, from three very different places and cultures, who turn a travelling salesman, the son of a middle class weaver, into the Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

It is the story of the Basque, a close knit band of warrior sailors and fishermen who conspire to safeguard the future of their people, and who use these women, and a fish, to change … well …everything. It is a tale of love, adventure, and deception at a time when the boundaries of the world are collapsing. We all know how Christopher Columbus’ story ends. Let me show you how it began.

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