Gamma at UC Berkeley

Pie a Pi Kapp

Each day, we set up a booth on the main plaza of campus, hosting different events that students could participate in for a small donation. Monday was “Pie a Pi Kapp” where participants paid to throw a pie at a volunteer brother. On Tuesday there was mini-golf on a small putting green. Wednesday we sold cotton candy. Thursday people could pay to make Pi Kapps do push-ups. And on Friday, members read love sonnets for donations. Spirits were high throughout the week, as the net proceeds were a whopping $1,251 – completely exceeding everyone’s expectations! Furthermore, rather than it being something boring that people were forced to do, everybody seemed to enjoy participating in the event, with one student even paying $10 to be serenaded during class. Lastly, a key aspect of the event was a competition between the various sororities, with the one who participated the most, AOII, receiving $200 to be donated to their organization of choice.