Fogarty letter donated to museum by East Carolina alum

L to R: Mike Terry, Bill Marks, Ralph Finch, Dan Ray, Mark Timmes


fogarty-letter2The letter was sent in response to a communication sent in the fall of 1965 from then undergraduates Ralph Finch and Ray Lewis, Beta Phi 24 (Ray Lewis is now a member of Chapter Eternal). Simon Fogarty was 78 when he penned his response and his writing and message is clear, strong and legible. He thanks brothers Finch and Lewis for sending then ‘pledges’ Hunter and Kirby to see him in Charleston. Ralph shared, “I must admit that this is such a cherished possession that I had the letter and enveloped professionally replicated so that I may keep a copy, but I promise this is the original.”

CEO Mark Timmes accepted the donation, “We are pleased to receive this letter to safeguard for the generations to come. While we have a wealth of history housed in our Eldred J. Harman Museum, this is surely one of the most prized, and it will be displayed prominently.”

The four brothers also were kind enough to bring a vintage East Carolina University mug to replace the damaged one that has been a part of our chapter mug display. The original owner is identified with the name Ralph printed on the back.

We would all like to thank Ralph, Bill, Dan and Mike for their generosity and for taking their time to present both these items.

Please visit the headquarters at the Kelley A. Bergstrom Leadership Center to see this, along with memorabilia on display documenting the history of our brotherhood.