Fifteen Days and Counting

This date signifies that I have a mere 15 days until I depart for Hawaii to begin my adventure with the Peace Corps. I feel like I must be very behind on packing, but in reality I must likely can purchase all the things I need in a single day.

15countingZackagsFurthermore, today is also important because it is my final day with The Ability Experience. I would like to express how absolutely amazing the journey has been with this organization. It is hard to believe that a small luncheon speech given by Kyle Thomas 5 years ago forever changed my life. This small encounter led to me changing my major, finding my passion in life, gaining life long friends, developing a deeper sense in self, and ultimately leading me to the Peace Corps.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to have volunteered and worked for The Ability Experience these past few years. I only see a bright future for the organization and I wish the staff my best as I depart. Thank you and god speed!