Eta Pi Chapter 20 year celebration.

The weekend kicked off with a golf tournament at the nearby Burning Ridge golf course on Friday morning. After the golf tournament, all of the brothers went to a local beach side restaurant to spend the evening.

Saturday morning began with a trip to Hillcrest Cemetery to pay respects to Chad Michael Beaty. Chad was the founder of the Eta Pi Chapter but was not able to witness chartering due to a tragic car accident. Chad was a leader on Coastal Carolina’s campus and his influence is felt by all of the 371 initiates. Following the visit to the grave site, the group proceeded to the Pi Kappa Phi grand tailgate. This was located at the recently dedicated Pi Kappa Phi Patio located directly on Coastal’s campus. The tailgate was a blast, and reflected how throughout 20 years of existence the brotherhood of the Eta Pi Chapter has thrived and is still alive and well.

It was a unique bonding experience between everyone to hear all the great stories shared by alumni and active brothers. Alumni were also excited and welcoming to the 31 recently initiated new members. The weekend concluded with another social gathering on Saturday night at another local restaurant. The 20 year celebration could not have went better and the Eta Pi Chapter is looking forward to 20 more great years at Coastal Carolina.