Eta Chi Chapter pushes for change

Pi Kapp’s annual philanthropy week is full of events that promote The Ability Experience, Push America’s new name. Senior Pi Kapp Blake Neuman supports the change.

“Push has developed, but most of its core tenets are the same,” Newman said. “It still seeks to raise money and awareness for all people with disabilities. It alleviates the repetitive speculation as to what Push means.”

On Monday, Pi Kapp held its annual Bike-a-thon. The Bike-a-thon is a 24-hour cycling demonstration designed to encourage people to stop using derogatory terms like the ‘R’ word, “retard.” “This is a yearly event where people can renew their vow to end the use of the ‘R’ word,” Bike-a-thon participant Brandon Lackner said.

Two fundraising events were held on Tuesday: a coin drive in Market Square and a fundraiser at Potbelly’s. All proceeds from the coin drive and 25 percent of profits from the Potbelly’s Fundraiser went to the Ability Experience, Pi Kapp’s philanthropy chair Grayson McFarlin said. Sophomore finance major Kamryn Schropp said that these events not only benefit Pi Kapp, but also the greater TCU community.

“Events like these are really cool because they bring people from all different walks of life to the same place,” Schropp said. “Even though school gets busy, fundraisers are an awesome way to get involved in a very tangible way.”

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