Epsilon Omicron teams up to combat childhood cancer

Starting in Fall of 2016, the Epsilon Omicron Chapter at Villanova University partnered up with an on-campus organization “NOVAdance” in order to get more involved with philanthropic endeavors on campus. NOVAdance works with the B+ Foundation, a national organization that seeks to raise funds that support those families who are affected by pediatric cancer and provides grants to research organizations and clinics in this field. The partnership between NOVAdance and Epsilon Omicron has been a meaningful one, specifically due to our partnership with our designated B+ Foundation Hero, a child from the Philadelphia area afflicted with pediatric cancer. Sebastian, our Hero, is 5 years old and during his fight with cancer has become an honorary brother in Epsilon Omicron. The strength and positivity exhibited by him and his family during our brief relationship have been an inspiration to each member of the fraternity. Epsilon Omicron has been fortunate enough throughout the academic year to have the opportunity to support, encourage and aid such a deserving family through fundraising efforts and fostering personal relationships with each member. This experience with NOVAdance has been an incredibly rewarding experience for all brothers who have been involved. We continue to develop our relationship with NOVAdance on campus in order to create a lasting partnership in which the brothers of Epsilon Omicron can continue to help in the battle against pediatric cancer.